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What to expect from a mobile massage treatment

Here is a step by step walk through of the process of what you can expect from a mobile massage treatment.


First Step

The first step is to contact us via phone or email. We provide a free 10 minute consultation to go over your conditions, expectations of a massage and a brief medical history to determine if this is the best fit for you.


Set Up

After determining we can help you achieve your health and bodywork goals, an appointment will be set up at least one day in advance. If it is a future appointment, expect a text or email reminder the day prior to confirm your booked massage.


Space Requirements

We require an open area of approximately (5’x 8’) where you will be the most comfortable and undisturbed while you receive your treatment. Two to three outlets should be available for your therapist to plug in their table warmer, oil warmer, and music player etc.



It is best to have showered and have not eaten a large meal before your appointment. (Lying on a full stomach is not the most comfortable.) You will also want to drink extra water before and after your massage. If you are comfortable, most clients prefer to already be in a robe or comfy clothes upon our arrival.


Therapist Arrival

Expect your confirmed massage therapist to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment time for set-up and a detailed plan for your treatment. While your therapist is setting up, you will be given a basic intake form to fill out and sign.



Once the therapist is set up, they will leave the room to wash their hands while you are disrobing and getting on the table under the sheets and blanket. They will return after asking if it is okay to do so.



At this point, it is best to notify them if the face cradle, bolster, temperature, or anything else needs to be adjusted. That being said, it is up to you to notify your therapist at any point during the massage if you are uncomfortable or need anything changed. We want you to get the most out of your massage.


Post Massage

Following your treatment, the therapist will leave the room again, allowing you to get off the table and get re-dressed. They will then return once you have indicated it is okay to do so.  Most likely they will do a quick follow-up to see how you are feeling, offer some helpful self-care directions, and suggest further treatment advice.


Wrap Up

Usually equipment can be packed up within 10 minutes and payments will be taken via a Square Credit Card reader.