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Soaking for Self-Care


You might be closer than you think...

to natural hot springs.

If you have been a client of mine, at one point or another you probably have heard me mention soaking in Epsom Salts or one of the nearby Hot Springs.  These are one of my favorite self-care tips.  I have found it does wonders for relieving muscle soreness and fatigue, as well as being a relaxing and stress-reducing tool. 

I was curious about more of the specific benefits of soaking ...

Here are the health benefits broken-down by individual elements of the water: 

1. Boron - builds up bone and muscles as well as improving brain activity

2. Buoyancy - allows for freer movement and decreases the strain on joints

3. Calcium - increase circulation and oxygen in blood, fortifies bones and internal organ function, especially the heart

4. Chloride - vital for metabolism function and maintaining the acid-base balance

5. Heat - pain relief, relaxes muscles, lowers blood pressure, and increases body temperature which can lead to better sleep

6. Iron - improves blood quality and muscle function, improves skin tone, strengthens disease resistance, and lowers fatigue levels. 

7. Potassium - aids in ridding the body of toxins, stimulates skin health, and lowers blood pressure

8. Silica -  smooths rough and dry skin

9. Sulfur - relieves Eczema and Psoriasis symptoms, aids the liver detoxification, and alleviates PMS symptoms,  The vapor improves respiratory function

When we soak, we absorb small amounts of the minerals listed and benefit from the heat and buoyancy. This natural phenomenon packs quite a punch.  Take advantage of it. Your body will thank you!