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Your dog can benefit from your in-home massage too!

It's true.  Most dogs enjoy being in the room while you are getting a massage. This is also a plus to having an in-home treatment; your dog can be there and enjoy it too.  I have seen many different dogs relax while their owner is getting a massage.  I don't mind them being in the room and like seeing them benefit just as much as their owners.  In the beginning, when I am setting up they are very curious about the table etc, but once the music is playing and oils are out they start to settle. The music I play is around 60 BPM which helps slow heart rate and respiration in both people and animals.  Lavender essential oil, which is also typically used calms dogs and humans alike. 

So next time you have a massage scheduled, consider keeping your dog in the room. They can chill and nap even during the sixty or ninety minute session , feeling refreshed, less anxious, in a good mood, and relaxed just as you do when it's over. 

If you would like to read more.  Here is a great article on pet aromatherapy  and one on relaxing music for your dog

Happy Dogs = Happy Owners. 


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